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About Us

Best Platform for online gaming

BoliesTV makes online gaming very interesting. It brings together a lot of mind-blowing games from different genres to give every player a memorable gaming experience. The games are majorly from the sports genre, action and war genre, adventure genre; and so on. Examples of some of the games offered on the platform are Call of Duty WWII, Fifa 21, Fortnite, Madden NFL 2020, NBA 2K21, Overwatch, WWE 2K20 etc.

Blockchain and Bolies TV

Another feature of BoliesTV is that it adopts the blockchain technology. With the blockchain technology, it completely alleviates the place of the middle man and it works based on an already built protocol which holds for every participant on the blockchain. Every transaction that is done on the platform is independent of the third party. Even funds are withdrawn without them too, only that a certain percentage goes to BoliesTV.

Globalizting Online Gaming

BoliesTV also aids what is called globalization in the online gaming ecosystem. It is the feature of a service to be available to different people from all over the globe. Thanks to blockchain, this is made possible as there is no need for serious protocols to access this platform. Just sign up, follow the steps given and you are in. It makes gaming to be more fun because there’s a large pool of competitors to play against.

Offering tokens with real life value

Gaming on BoliesTV is tokenized. Really, before now, many online game platforms have used tokens to support their games. The only issue is that the tokens do not have a real-life value. Consider a really interesting game such as “Subway surfer”; imagine all the coins you earned while gaming was yours. You might have become a millionaire as well if you are good at it. That’s just an example anyway. BoliesTV leverages on the blockchain technology and developed tokens which have a real-life value. Whatever you earn while gaming online can be exchanged for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Rather than spending a lot to get tokens for a game which can only be used on the platform; BoliesTV enables you to use the tokens in and out of the platform.

Allows you ownership of your assets

One other thing that BoliesTV assures you of is ‘owning’ your assets. If you are a die-hard gamer, you must have spent so much time, money and effort on a particular game that it becomes your life-long investment. There are situations in which we purchase items as we keep playing. Let’s exemplify with a war game, you may have spent so much buying tanks, bullets, guns, bombs and other ammunitions. Usually, the common practice is to sell what you’ve acquired over time; however, because of fraud and trust issues, many game providers do not allow people to do that. Hence, though you purchase things for yourself while gaming, you do not actually own them. This is why BoliesTV is different. On BoliesTV, ownership is settled since there is no third party involved. Also, the items are safe so that no fraudulent acts are done with them.

Introducing Boliecoins

Since BoliesTV is built on a blockchain, its driving force is its blockchain asset – Boliecoins. The Boliecoins is what is used to run the platform. In order to successfully do anything on BoliesTV platform, you must have Boliecoins in your account. To play a game, place a bet or compete with others, you would need to deposit an amount of Boliecoins.

How to Play Games on BoliesTV

BoliesTV is not rocket science and is one of the simplest platforms to enjoy online gaming. There are three major things you need to do on BoliesTV :

Create an Account Onsite and Buy Boliecoins

This is a basic requirement for every platform you can think of. Go to and click on “get started”. You would be required to log in (for an already existing member) or to create an account for a new member. Not many details are required here so you can feel at ease about your privacy.

Play Games and Have Fun

There are ways to actually create a contest – public or private – and play games on this platform. You either create a one-on-one contest, or you play against many other competitors, or you form a team that will play against another team of the same number. Peradventure, you are scared of losing badly; you can play with players of your skill level. If you don’t like to game, you can watch and make money by placing a bet on who you think will win.

Withdraw your Earnings or use them for other Purposes

While competing, players bet with a certain amount When a winner emerges, the prize automatically go to the winner and then he can withdraw the funds. However, it is important to note that a certain percentage goes to BoliesTV platform. When you have withdrawn your funds, you can either exchange them with fiat currency, or other cryptocurrencies.


BoliesTV is not only a brilliant innovation, but it is also an interesting one. To enjoy the best of online gaming, register quickly on our platform. BoliesTV is the first and best blockchain online gaming platform, and we are committed to giving every player the best experience possible.